Upcoming Exhibiton: FADE 26-31 January 2015, Clerkenwell Gallery

In an increasingly youth oriented world, obsessed with physical perfection in women, the Fade exhibition explores the concepts of beauty and ageing and their relationship with colour.  Challenging the idea that life starts with youth and vibrancy, and fades into invisible greyness, Niloufar Lamakan is concerned with how women interact with colour at different stages of life.

 She takes inspiration from the unexpected behaviour of colour combinations and how textures and layers can create a unique beauty that may not fall within accepted rules. The exhibition questions conflicting feelings towards society’s rules for beauty and ageing.  Is bright always better than faded?  There can be beauty of a different kind in faded colours and textures.  Niloufar uses her interior design tools – building design software, fabric, and wallpaper – for printmaking and digital art.


Dec 30 2015