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Traditions Exhibition

Jan 10 2017

Niloufar Lamakan shows her work at an exhibition organised by the talented curator Katja Rosenberg.  The Traditions exhibition is about the impact of cultural rituals, traditions and beliefs.  

Minden International Project

Oct 01 2016

Proud to be part of the ‘WeltWand’ (world wall) project, Minden, Germany. The wall is a collage of drawings by artists around the world, depicting their interpretations of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals  

Salon Des Refuses Exhibition

Jun 15 2016

Niloufar will be exhibiting her painting shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition at Salon Des Refuses 23-26 June. The exhibition follows in the tradition of the 19th century Parisian Salon des Refusés, when Napoleon let rejected works be exhibited alongside those accepted ones after artists protested the Salon jury’s rejection of 3000 works. It’s hard to […]

Private View – Fade Exhibition 28 January 2015

Jan 30 2015

The private view for the Fade Exhibition by Niloufar Lamakan was held at the Clerkenwell Gallery on 28th January 2015.  The exhibition explores the concepts of beauty, ageing and their relationship with colour.  Guests enjoyed the colourful Giclée prints, including the signature work ‘Each to Their Own’ on the ground floor of the gallery, before descending downstairs to experience the […]

Upcoming Exhibiton: FADE 26-31 January 2015, Clerkenwell Gallery

Dec 30 2015

In an increasingly youth oriented world, obsessed with physical perfection in women, the Fade exhibition explores the concepts of beauty and ageing and their relationship with colour.  Challenging the idea that life starts with youth and vibrancy, and fades into invisible greyness, Niloufar Lamakan is concerned with how women interact with colour at different stages […]

Site Specific Installation, Angel, Islington

Nov 20 2014

A site specific installation of ‘Circle of Life’ will appear at a private house in Angel, Islington for a fashion event. The installation has been commissioned as a centrepiece to welcome guests on arrival.

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

Oct 01 2014

The Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in October. Since it launched in 2004, ICADF has helped provide a platform for established and emerging artists to showcase their work in one of the largest independent contemporary art spaces in central London with the opportunity to sell directly to the […]