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Swiping at 60 TV Pilot is a Finalist!

Niloufar Lamakan's Swiping At 60 is a finalist in Romantic Comedy Screenwriting Contest

About a month ago I found out that my TV Pilot script for Swiping at 60 had reached the quarterfinals of Stage 32 Romantic Comedy Screenwriting Contest. Wow!!! It was so exciting to get as far as the quarterfinals out of, what I'm sure must be, thousands of entries.

Imagine my excitement when two weeks later I had another lovely email telling me I'd reached the semi-finals! Surely this was the pinnacle for my debut script.

But then at midnight on Friday I found out that I am a finalist along with nine other shortlisted entries!! I am now beyond excited for this amazing opportunity.

As a finalist I will appear in Stage 32's lookbook and my script will be sent out to 500 industry executives, including literary managers, agents and producers. This is truly a fantastic opportunity to take my work forward.

A huge thank you goes to the wonderful organisers at @Stage32, and good luck to the other contestants. May the best script win!


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