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Swiping at 60 TV Pilot Screenplay Picked by Hollywood Judges for Romantic Comedy Award

Niloufar Lamakan's Swiping At 60 is a quarterfinalist in Romantic Comedy Screenwriting Contest

Last weekend got off to an amazing start when I received an email from the lovely people at @Stage32 to tell me that my screenplay for the Pilot episode of a TV miniseries based on SWIPING AT 60 has made the Quarterfinals of the Stage32 The 2nd Annual Romantic Comedy Screenwriting Contest!

David Abrookin of Stage32 told me: "We received a record shattering number of submissions. So to place in the contest is a real achievement."

Contest judges include the fabulous Swati Shetty of the much loved Wedding Season, a Netflix Original, Jim Milio, the co-executive producer of the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Maria Odufuye, currently working on Sex Education season 4.


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